Happy Friday!

This week our Top Pick is Televisionation Friday Fireside featuring Axonista's CEO Claire McHugh who joined the legendary iTV doctor Rick Howe to chat about video commerce. You can catch both Rick and Claire at the upcoming TV of Tomorrow Show which takes place online from April 26-30, where they will be joined by global industry leaders driving innovation in the TV technology landscape.

Also this week, The New York Times published a great article on the growing livestream commerce market, and QVC's potential to dominate this market in the US.

At Rerun, we think retailers looking to add livestream shopping to their e-commerce toolset, should look to media companies like QVC, and create compelling stories, and characters that keep audiences entertained and connected to their brand.

The latest social media platform to add commerce to its roadmap is Snap, which has acquired Fit Analytics, a sizing tech company. It's a smart move that sets its offering apart from other social platforms. Enabling buyers to select the exact right fit for them at point of purchase, should decrease the amount of product returns from unsatisfied customers.

Until next week!

Team Rerun