Happy Friday!

This week Netflix reported it has just over a staggering 200 million subscribers worldwide. The streaming service added 8.5 million subs during Q4 of 2020. This remarkable growth was helped by the stay-at-home restrictions imposed by the global pandemic, but also by the success of popular Netflix Originals including Tiger King, โ€‹Bridgerton, and โ€‹The Queenโ€™s Gambitโ€‹.

Also this week, Fornite announced a partnership with 23 global soccer clubs, in order to entice new audiences to the Fortnite world. This means that Fornite players will be able to access custom jerseys from their favourite teams, and participate in soccer tournaments that take place within Fortnite. According the The Verge, these types of cross-promotions will also give Epic new revenue opportunities which may help make up for the gameโ€™s absence on the iOS platform.

As further validation of the growing global trend towards shoppable video, YouTube has started to test this functionality on its own platform. While this may become a lucrative longterm opportunity for YouTube, providing and monitoring the usage of commerce tools to all sorts of content creators, at this magnitude of scale, comes with its own set of challenges. At Rerun, we're keen to see how these experiments evolve.

Until next week!

Team Rerun