Happy Friday!

As the world comes to terms with a variety of new normals, the media industry is still moving forward at pace.

People are watching more video than ever, due to social distancing measures in place across countries.

Video technology has come to the aid of many businesses that depend on in-person activities, such as yoga studios, schools, and colleges.

It’s not a great time for those in content production. Movie and show sets have been temporarily closed down, and big releases and market events postponed until later this year.

Where there are constraints, there’s creativity. This week, we look at some primetime TV shows that have adapted to current restrictions.

Our top pick this week is an indicator that things are really starting to heat up in the virtual MVPD space. Another cable operator, keen to leapfrog its competition has entered the fray. This time, it's Fox with a $440m acquisition of Tubi. The acquisition gives Fox a digital audience of 25m that it can reach with its news and sports content, both of which are lucrative advertising properties.

Until next week, stay safe!

Team Rerun