Happy Friday!

This weekend our team will be mostly watching Disney Plus which debuted in Europe this week. So far, we are really impressed with the app's content discovery and user experience. It has successfully captured the magic and excitement of Disney storytelling. Also, special features content FTW!!

We are starting to see the early impact of how the world is changing, and the role of video technology in shaping it. Video trends like AR, VR, streaming, and shoppable video have suddenly become an important part of business continuity for a variety of sectors.

Galleries, cinemas, yoga studios, universities, retailers, conference organisers, and educators are all adopting these technologies into their business plans at breakneck speed.

Our Top Pick this week looks at how social distancing and working from home provides an opportunity for brands to engage an at home audience with shoppable content.

Peopleโ€™s relationship with technology - and in particular video - will have changed forever. Weโ€™re hopeful we can keep up the momentum of global togetherness and evolve as a species into something even more awesome than before.

Until next week!

Team Rerun