Happy Friday!!

Earlier this week, Bob Iger shocked the media industry by resigning as CEO of Disney, and promoting Bob Chapek as his successor. Chapek was most recently chairman of Disney's parks and experiences businesses. The timing of the announcement seemed curious. Disney+, its direct to consumer video streaming service, that Bob Iger had championed, had barely launched. The choice of successor was also a surprise. Chapek's reputation for driving operational efficiency seemed at odds with Iger's record of high-risk bets, such as Marvel, and Star Wars.

Now that the fairy dust has settled, it makes more sense. Iger's direction for the future is set and the transition from B2B to B2C is underway. And Iger gets to focus on creative endeavors at the company, until he retires in 2021.

Our Top Pick this week looks back at Bob Iger's formidable career at Disney.

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