Happy Friday! Welcome to Issue 48 of Rerun, your weekly digest of digital storytelling, interactive media and the future of TV curated by Axonista.

This week's Top Pick is MacRumors' rich survey of Apple's move towards VR and AR, along with an overview of all the main players and technologies.

We have PewDiePie growing up, up and away from YouTube and SnapChat joining the big league in a partnership with Viacom.

In gaming news, we see lots of expansion into new media territories with EA games moving into eSports, Amazon's free development engine Lumberyard and Titanfall 2's TV series tie-in. We review the live streaming efforts by NASA, Vox and Fusion as well as infamous P2P platform BitTorrent.

And, finally, we end with the revelation that The Simpson’s was well ahead of the VR curve, accurately predicting some of the VR experiences emerging today.

Let's get straight to it!

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