Happy Friday!

This week, we would like to congratulate our friends at WaterBear on reaching over 100,000 members! In the eight months since its launch, WaterBear has partnered with 100 charities worldwide, launched in 40 countries, and planted over 30,000 trees in the WaterBear Forest.

You can sign up to the WaterBear platform to watch inspirational documentaries and short films about our planet. 💚

We would also like to congratulate Axonista's own CEO Claire McHugh, who has joined The Irish Film Institute (IFI) Board of Directors.

Our top pick this week is an insightful article from Vulture that looks at who's really winning the US streaming wars, from the perspective of industry insiders, including PR agents, studio executives and Wall St. analysts, who ranked the most popular streaming services by size, original content, buzz and momentum. Very interesting reading!

Until next week!

Team Rerun