Happy Friday!

There are lots of notable things launching this week.

First up, NBCUniversal-owned Telemundo Enterprises is launching a studio in Miami dedicated to creating content on streaming services for Latino audiences.

WaterBear Network has launched The Resilient Collection available to rent on WaterBear.com. The launch features a stunning collection of the biggest award-winning documentaries, including Kiss the Ground, Watson, The Game Changers, Gods in Shackles, Blackfish, Food Inc. and For the Birds. All revenue will go to The Resilient Foundation, a non-profit organization that funds critical storytelling around the world.

The wondrously titled Museum of Other Realities is launching Immersive Arcade, the first collection of the best of British virtual reality (VR) and 360 experiences. This collection draws together eclectic productions from across documentary, experiential and narrative genres, themed around an exploration of the human mind. 🤯

Last but not least, tonight sees the return of Fashion Relief TV to our screens at 7pm! Yesterday, Fashion Relief TV founder Lorraine Keane shared a sneak peek of what to expect on tonight's show with Ireland AM viewers.

Lots to keep us entertained this weekend - Until next week!

Team Rerun