Happy Friday 13th!

Netflix is launching a new experiment that departs from the typical Netflix viewing experience. For the first time, they are launching a linear channel available to subscribers in France. It’s no surprise that they chose France - the French audience has a large appetite for watching traditional TV!

Similar to popular virtual MVPDs including Pluto TV, Xumo and STIRR, a linear channel on Netflix would enable viewers to simply 'tune in' to find something to watch, echoing the passive TV viewing experience of days gone by. We look forward to learning more about this experiment as it evolves.

In other news, everyone is getting on the shoppable video trend! From WhatsApp to NBCUniversal and Social Media Influencers, live shopping video is in demand. And why wouldn’t they? Market leaders in live video commerce QVC is showing very strong performance across its lineup of verticals in its recent earnings report.

Until next week!

Team Rerun