Happy Friday!

Just when we thought it was over, the TikTok story keeps on evolving. If you’re in any way confused to what’s going on with TikTok, CNBC has this handy timeline of events.

Also this week, and potentially off the back of the market excitement about TikTok, Quibi has announced it is up for sale but unlike TikTok, and what maybe has been Quibi’s problem all along, does anyone want to buy what they are selling?

Also this week, we have another new + app, this time it’s Discovery+, which will launch in 2021. At this point Disney+ has educated the market on what + means, so it’s become a popular choice of suffix for traditional networks launching new streaming services.

In more charming news, we got to see inside our favourite Hollywood actors' homes for not one, but two, Zoom table readings. One for a cast reunion of The Princess Bride, and the other for a reboot of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. While not to be compared with the art form of the movie picture, the Zoom table read is an intimate new form of storytelling that has come to the fore during the pandemic. The live format can be lots of fun for viewers, as actors enthusiastically step back into roles they inhabited a lifetime ago, or generally poke fun at each other.

Until next week!

Team Rerun