Happy Friday!

Our top pick this week is an interesting topic raised by Julia Alexander of The Verge. Subscribers to Disney+ quickly realized something after they finished watching The Mandalorian. Disney+ has a very "modest" selection of original series and there will be a long wait for more original titles. An understandable reaction. Netflix has been releasing original series at a blinding pace for some time now.

Disney CEO Bob Iger is perfectly happy with Disney+ strategy saying

'I think the best thing about it all is that the decision that we made to go with quality and not just volume is working.'

It's an age-old question, quality vs quantity. At 28.6m subscribers since launch, Bob may be right.

Also this week Super Nintendo World (yay!) challenges Disney for the title of the happiest place on earth, a new interactive movie The Complex is coming to major videogame consoles, and Netflix makes a change for the better.

Have a great weekend and see you all next week!

Team Rerun