Happy New Year!

In the tradition of kicking the new year off with a prediction, our top thought is that 2017 will be a transformative year for brands going direct to consumer and becoming true media companies in their own right.

As the decline in relevance of the 30 second TV ad spot picks up pace, brands looking to pioneer this new landscape will be free to ditch the baggage of traditional TV models and metrics, and truly innovate - bringing clever, interactive video experiences to their customers as they tell their stories in new ways. Early successes here will show the way for others and ultimately transform how all brands engage with consumers for years to come.

Throw machine learning, mega-mergers, bots, Alexa, the rise of e-sports, and - of course - Facebook into the mix and it makes for exciting times in the year to come!

But first, here's a round up of our favourite stories from this week!

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