Happy Friday!

Summer festival season is usually well underway at this stage. And although we can't be there in person, there's still lots of great live music that can be enjoyed from the comfort of our couch. We've rounded up a few recent articles about live streamed music from Erykah Badu who plans to set up her own live streaming company, to The Weeknd who is doing an AR event on TikTok.

Live music is also becoming more prominent on OTT platforms. This week, live streaming platform Live X Live extended its reach into 45m households through a partnership with Xumo.

This year, along with the music, interactivity in all its magical forms will take centre stage. This encompasses everything from live streaming chat to behind-the-scenes extra footage, to fully augmented and virtual sets.

In part this is related to the enormous success of Travis Scott's concert in Fortnite, which was attended by 12.3m people in April.

Adding interactive features to live streaming is also a really great way for touring musicians to directly connect with their fans, and potentially sell some merchandise at the same time.

And no queueing for portaloos!

Until next week!

Team Rerun